Services offered

Gettysburg College Counseling & Wellness Services Support Services

Counseling and Wellness Services offers free, confidential supportive services, including counseling, to currently enrolled students who are studying on campus during the academic year.

We provide:

Consultation & Assessment: Getting help starts with a consultation and assessment of current needs. All first time appointments are consultations. You will meet with a therapist to identify your needs, define goals, and plan next steps.

Self-Help & Natural Supports : Students are encouraged to care for themselves using the vast array of self-help materials & resources provided by our staff. When appropriate, they are also connected to their “natural supports” such as RA’s, Academic Advisors, Coaches, parents & friends.

Workshops & Programs : These are one time or ongoing skill based groups. Open to all students or a specific group. (Examples: Stress Management, How to Help a Friend, Athletes and Mental Health. We welcome your individualized requests based on your group’s needs!)

Referrals to Campus Partners: Professional staff & departments that support specific student needs such as Student Success or the Campus Chaplain.

Peer Support: Many issues can be addressed through meeting with one of our trained peer educators (PEEPS), a Peer Learning Associate (PLA) or by joining a student driven and facilitated affinity groups/spaces.

Groups: Counseling groups are led by clinical staff to address specific issues and time limited. They can be by referral or open, depending on the group topic.

Individual Treatment: Short term counseling is provided to students experiencing current mental health challenges. These services are designed to be time limited (1-10 sessions on average) and goal driven. Limited psychiatry services are provided on a referral basis for current counseling clients (one year).

Community Referrals: If you are seeking long-term or specialized clinical treatment and support we are happy to provide information to help you find community clinicians. 

Additionally: We support students who are in crisis through our drop in service and our after hours Counselor on Call. We always welcome students who are concerned about someone else to consult with us and use our services. 


Services not offered by Counseling Services

  • We do not provide assessments or documentation for housing, class absenteeism, emotional support animals or service animals; gender affirming surgeries, academic accommodations; long-term psychotherapy, therapy occurring more than one time per week, or therapy for disorders that warrant specialized treatment, or co-current therapy when there is a current, established off-campus provider.
  • We do not facilitate court mandated therapy.
  • Services are limited to when classes are in session. We do not provide services during school breaks including the summer months.
  • Due to licensure regulations, services are not provided to students who are studying away from Gettysburg College or who are out of state at the time of service.

To make a consultation (first) appointment:

  • In-person: We are located in the Health and Counseling Center, behind Servo Dining Hall
  • Email us: with the Subject line “Appointment Request”
  • Call us: 717-337-6960

What do I need to know about my counseling appointment?

  • Counseling services are designed to be time limited and issue focused. If you are seeking long term therapy, we encourage you to find an off campus provider.
  • Services are free of charge and confidential.
  • Appointments are typically 45 minutes in length.
  • Services are available to currently enrolled students, while classes are in session.
  • If you must miss an appointment you need to contact us first! Failure to do so or less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a $40 charge for each missed appointment.

Current and prospective students in need of ongoing, long-term mental health support (including psychiatric medications) should familiarize themselves with their insurance benefits, particularly with regards to authorization of ongoing mental health services in Pennsylvania. We provide students with access to Thriving Campus, a provider search tool specifically designed for college students, free of charge.