New Employee Information

Welcome to the Gettysburg College Community

The Office of Human Resources welcomes you to Gettysburg College. As a new employee, we are aware that you will have many questions regarding your place as part of the Gettysburg community. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance. We are located on the ground floor of Pennsylvania Hall, or you may reach us by calling our office at extension 6202. Again, welcome to Gettysburg College!

Diversity Statement

Forms Necessary to Receive Pay

Please complete these forms in the Human Resources Office within your first three days of employment. These forms are necessary for you to be paid.

Gettysburg College is a Harassment and Discrimination-Free Workplace

Gettysburg College is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to learning for all students and a professional workplace free from harassment and discrimination for its employees. As a new employee at Gettysburg College, it is important to familiarize yourself with our Harassment and Discrimination-Free Workplace Policy.

Top 5 Things to Do in Your First Week of Employment

Top 10 Things to Do in Your First Month of Employment

Things to Do in Gettysburg

Messages for our new employees

Welcome to Gettysburg College! The many people who make up our community are highly committed individuals who support the mission of the College and their respective department. This creates a strong sense of place and belonging, making Gettysburg College the dynamic place that it is. There are countless opportunities for people to collaborate with prospective, future and former members of our community. We serve, educate and empower one another. We are committed to excellence. Each person of this community has every opportunity to make a positive difference and to make significant contributions, creating a collegial atmosphere. It comes to no surprise that Gettysburg College is consistently among one of the top 50 Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania. We are pleased that you have joined the Gettysburg College community and we look forward to the many great things that can be accomplished together. Susan Fumagalli, Associate Director of Athletics

Welcome to our community! I’d like to share a few reasons why I feel Gettysburg College is the best place to work. The people here would have to top my list. Everyone I have ever encountered is friendly, supportive, and willing to help. There is a real sense of teamwork campus wide, with helping our students succeed as a common goal. There is flexibility which allows you to be productive in your position, but also maintain your family life. I am especially grateful for the excellent benefits, including a tuition allowance for you and your dependents, medical and dental plans, as well as a retirement plan. Our Wellness Program is a model for the area and offers various programs to improve your health and well-being, and our beautiful new “Center” is a great place to get fit with state-of-the-art equipment and a regulation-size pool. Our library is the perfect resource for books, DVDs, journals, etc. and if we don’t own it, our interlibrary loan program can probably get it for you. There is also a digital center in the library with equipment that can be used for that special project. So, I hope as you settle into your new position on campus, you’ll begin to enjoy the resources available to us and realize what a great place this is to work! Sue Holz, Academic Administrative Assistant

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