Charting Your Course

Gettysburg College’s Extended Orientation program is titled Charting Your Course, or CYC. It is designed to empower students to be Gettysburg Great as they learn about, engage in, and plan their Gettysburg experience.

First-year students will participate in CYC events ranging from a public presentation about our Common Read book Heads of the Colored People by author Nafissa Thomspon-Spires, to community meetings, to small group discussions. A wide range of elective “Pillar” events are also available as part of the program.

As an added bonus, attending and participating in CYC sessions will offer first-years the greatest opportunity to have their choice of housing for their sophomore year. Each student has the opportunity to participate in the CYC program which consists of 22 total sessions (17 required events and up to 5 elective events within the maximum for each category). The number of sessions that first-year students attend contributes to determining their housing lottery number. The CYC attendance expectation (and its impact on your housing lottery number) is designed to reflect the fact that Gettysburg College values engagement and personal accountability. The more engaged students choose to be, the greater the potential reward.

Elective “Pillar” Event Categories

This year, we are changing the categorizing of our elective CYC events, now called Pillar Events, to include the Citizenship Pillars of our college— Be Curious, Own Your Experience, Engage Difference, and Make an Impact. These pillars provide the foundation for a transformative Gettysburg Experience, and allow our students the opportunity to learn about themselves, others, and how to be engaged citizens on campus. Each elective event will fit under one to two Pillars. Please be aware of these categories and their maximums as you complete your CYC Elective events!

  • Be Curious (1 max)
  • Own Your Experience (1 max)
  • Engage Difference (1 max)
  • Make an Impact (1 max)

Students may get one additional elective credit from a category of their choice for a possible total of 5 elective credits.