Career Development Pathway

Below is a list of the current opportunities within each Pathway, new experiences will be added over time.

Year 1: Introductory Experiences

Clarify values, interests, and skills. Identify career fields for exploration.

  • Engage in self-assessment and career exploration platforms and/or tools
  • Attend a J-Term session on self-assessment and career exploration
  • Participate in an informational career conversation or job shadow experience
  • Meet with a Career Engagement Counselor regarding an overview of career planning or job search strategies, tools, and resources
  • Meet with a Faculty Career Liaison
  • Participate in an academic department-sponsored career event, exploring the relationship between undergraduate courses of study and potential careers
  • Participate in the Community GIGs program as a first-year student

Year 2 and 3: Exploratory Experiences

Articulate transferable skills and the value of a Gettysburg liberal arts education. Develop and cultivate a professional network. Gain exposure to a diverse workplace culture through an experiential opportunity.

  • Meet with a Career Engagement Counselor regarding an overview of career planning or job search strategies, tools, and resources for a follow up meeting
  • Attend a J-Term session on career readiness competencies, job search toolkit, interviewing skills, or building a professional network.
  • Meet with a Career Engagement Counselor or an industry professional for a mock interview
  • Gain industry and job search insights from professionals through connectGettysburg, externships, Employers-in-Residence, career immersion treks, or speakers and panels.
  • Develop transferable and job-specific skills through on- or off-campus employment
  • Collaborate with a team of peers and a community employer partner through the Community GIGs program as a repeat participant" and link the community gigs page.
  • Participate in a student leader training focused on applying experience to life after college, resumes, cover letters, personal statements, grad school applications, and interviews
  • Attend a career program involving issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through student organizations, College Life offices, academic departments, or Career Engagement
  • Participate in the International Gettysburgians Network
  • Complete an externship experience.

Year 3 and 4: Consequential Experiences

Identify and activate relevant professional preparation tools, including activating professional networks, to secure fulfilling post-graduation work or education. Practice the skills necessary to take on the perspective of another culture to effectively navigate workplace situations.