Bachelor of Music in Performance

  • Perform major and minor scales, 2 octaves.
  • Perform three compositions which demonstrate contrasting styles.
  • Sight read a short piece.

Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Music Minor

  • Perform major scales 2 or more octaves
  • Perform two compositions or movements which demonstrate contrasting styles.
  • Sight read a short piece.

Specific Technique Requirements and Suggested Repertoire


  • Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in Eb
  • Hummel, Concerto in Eb
  • Clarke, The Debutante
  • Balay, Petite Piece Concertante
  • Arban, any characteristic etude
  • Voxman, Selected Studies, any etude

French Horn


  • Scales tongued in eighth notes, quarter note = 72.
  • Lip slurs, quarter note pattern from Farkas "The Art of French Horn Playing"
  • 1 octave scale in notes, crescendo/diminuendo on each no.

Suggested Repertoire

  • Mozart, Concerto
  • Strauss, Concerto
  • Saint-Saens, Morceau de Concert
  • Beethoven, Sonata
  • Saint-Sans, Romance

Tenor Trombone

  • Guilmant, Morceau Symphonique
  • Barat, Andante et Allegro
  • Marcello, Sonatas in F or E
  • Rimsky-Korsakov, Concerto

Bass Trombone

  • Gillis, 70 Progressive Studies for the Modern Bass Trombonist
  • Muller, Praeludium, Chorale, Variations and Fugues


  • Arban, The Famous Arban's Book for Trombone
  • Marcello, Sonatas in F Major or e minor
  • Mead, Badinerie from Performance Studies
  • Curnow, Rhapsody


  • J.S. Bach, Air and Bouree
  • Haddad, Suite for Tuba
  • Catozzi, Sonatina
  • Tcherephinin, Andante, OP. 64
  • Strauss, Nocturne for Tuba and Piano

To schedule an audition or an interview with faculty members please contact Lisa Graham-Herrick, at (or 717-337-6239). For all other inquiries regarding the music program and audition requirements, please contact Dr. Teresa Bowers, at or 717-337-6134.