Bachelor of Music in Performance

  • Perform major scales, 3 octaves when possible and chromatic scale
  • Perform three compositions which demonstrate contrasting styles.
  • Sight read a short piece.

Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Music Education and Music Minor

  • Perform major scales 2 or more octaves
  • Perform two compositions or movements which demonstrate contrasting styles.
  • Sight read a short piece.

Suggested Repertoire and Specific Technique Requirements


  • Technique: scales slurred and staccato tongued in eighth notes. Do not repeat the top note.
  • Chromatic scale, 3 octaves

Bachelor of Music

  • Sonatas, J.S. Bach
  • Varese, Density 21.5
  • Poulenc, Sonata
  • Mozart, Concertos>Any of the French Conservatory Pieces

Bachelor of Arts, Music Education, Minor

  • Sonatas, G.F. Handel
  • Honegger, Danse de la Chevre
  • Hindemith, Sonata
  • Enesco, Cantabile et Presto


Bachelor of Music

  • Ferling, Etudes
  • Saint Saens, Sonata
  • Poulenc, Sonata
  • Haydn, Concerto
  • Mozart, Concerto

Bachelor of Arts, Music Education, Mino

  • Barret, Melodic Studies
  • Handel, Sonatas
  • Schumann, Romances
  • Cimarosa, Concerto
  • Marcello, Concerto


Bachelor of Music

  • Brahms, Sonatas
  • Mozart, Concerto
  • Osborne, Rhapsody
  • Schumann, Fantasy Pieces
  • Stravinsky, Three Pieces
  • Weber, Concertos

Bachelor of Arts, Music Education, Minor

  • Cavallini, Adagio and Tarantella
  • Finzi, Five Bagatelles
  • Hindemith, Sonata
  • Saint-Säens, Sonata
  • Vaughn Williams, Six Studies on English Folk Song
  • Weber, Concertino


Bachelor of Music

  • Ferling, 48 Etudes
  • Handel, Sonatas
  • Creston, Sonata

Bachelor of Arts, Music Education, Minor

  • Voxman, Selected Studies
  • Parker, Omnibook
  • Rueff, Chanson et Passepied
  • Bozza, Aria
  • Eccles, Sonata
  • Schumann, Three Romances


Bachelor of Music

  • Mozart, Bassoon Concerto
  • Weber, Bassoon Concerto in F
  • Vivaldi, Concerto in E minor
  • Milde, Scale Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Music Education, Minor

  • Pierne, Concertpiece
  • Bourdeau, Premier Solo
  • Telemann, Sonata in F
  • Weissenborn, Romanze

To schedule an audition or an interview with faculty members please contact Lisa Graham-Herrick, at lgraham@gettysburg.edu (or 717-337-6239). For all other inquiries regarding the music program and audition requirements, please contact Dr. Amanda Heim, at aheim@gettysburg.edu or 717-337-6146.