Each audition recording should include scales unless otherwise noted. Sight-reading will take place during the faculty interview portion. To submit a recording, students must apply first through the regular Gettysburg College application process. Students will then be able to upload their recordings to their application portal. For individual instrument requirements, please see below.

Bachelor of Music in Performance

  • All major scales, 2 octaves
  • Audition on snare drum (concert or rudimental style), timpani, and keyboard percussion (two and/or four mallets)

Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Arts in Music, Music Minor

  • All major scales, 2 octaves, if auditioning on keyboard percussion
  • Applicants are encouraged to audition in as many percussion areas as possible, including snare drum (concert or rudimental style), timpani, or keyboard percussion (two and/or four mallets)

Suggested Repertoire and Required Technique

Technique: Applicants performing on timpani will be asked to tune using a pitch pipe or tuning fork.

Solos and Etudes: In addition to published solos in each percussion area, etudes from standard studies or collections are acceptable, including:

  • Peters. Fundamental Method for Mallets
  • Goldenberg, Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba and Vibraphone
  • Friedman, Vibraphone Technique: Dampening and Pedaling
  • Peters, Intermediate or Advanced Snare Drum Studies
  • Cirone, Portraits in Rhythm, (snare drum)
  • Goodman, Modern Method for Timpani
  • Firth, The Solo Timpanist,
  • Hochrainer, Etudes for Timpani
  • Whaley, Audition Etudes (snare drum, timpani, and keyboard percussion)

Meetings and private lessons

To schedule a meeting or private lesson with a faculty member, please contact us at or 717-337-6100. For all other inquiries regarding the music program and audition requirements, please contact Dr. Amanda Heim at or 717-337-6146.