Lockers and Keys


Lockers are provided for storage of personally-owned instruments on a space-available basis and are assigned through the instrumental ensemble directors.

Instrument storage lockers may be used by students who are enrolled in private applied lessons or who play in Conservatory ensembles.

  • Lockers for wind instruments are assigned by Band Staff student employees.
  • Lockers for string instruments and guitar storage lockers are assigned by Orchestra Staff student employees.

Students must provide their own padlock for their locker. Locks may be purchased in the College Bookstore or at any retailer.

It is highly recommended that students investigate whether their instrument is insured. Instruments may be covered under preexisting homeowners’ insurance, or separate instrument insurance may be obtained. Note that Gettysburg College does not insure student-owned personal instruments and maintains no liability for damage or loss.

If you have any difficulty with your locker, see the director of the ensemble(s) in which you play.

All lockers must be emptied at the end of the academic year, or at the end of the semester if going abroad.

If you are assigned a college-owned instrument for use in applied lessons or ensembles, that instrument will already be assigned to a permanent locker and will have a college issued padlock. This lock must remain on the locker, and may not be exchanged for a personal padlock


Keys to the Music Technology Lab (Room 217) may be obtained by music majors or minors from the Conservatory office and require a deposit of $20.

Percussion practice room keys (Rooms 119 & 201) may be obtained by students who are enrolled in private percussion lessons, percussion ensemble, or percussion methods class, and require a deposit of $20. These keys may be obtained from Dr. McCutcheon in the band office.

Organ practice room keys (Room 305) may be obtained by students enrolled in applied organ lessons. These keys may be obtained from the Conservatory office.

Keys are issued for the academic year or for as long as students are eligible. Failure to return keys will result in forfeiture of deposit/s. Loss of a key may require re-keying of the room(s) and will incur a substantial charge.