Music Technology Lab

The conservatory maintains a music technology lab to support the work of music majors and minors and for various teaching purposes. The lab is equipped with ten workstations, each with a computer linked to an electronic piano. The computers have a special software load with Finale and Sibelius music notation programs, Auralia, and other software that supports the music curriculum. The pianos are connected by a hardware system to facilitate group keyboard teaching in the facility.

Music majors and minors may obtain a key for the lab from the conservatory office and use the lab for music-related purposes. You log on to the computers as you would in any lab on campus using your Gettysburg user ID and password. These are the same credentials that you use to log in for email.

When a student logs into a computer in the lab a profile is created for that session. As with any public computer on campus, this profile disappears when you log off, so you should save any work to an external medium like your network space or a flash drive.
When working on files that live on an external drive, copy them to the desktop first, then use them from there. This will guard against loss of your work in the event of a network hiccup. Be sure to save your files back to your external media before you log off, or they will be lost.

Rules for Using the Lab

  • Since the lab is often used for teaching, classes take priority over individual use. You should check the door before entering for a sign indicating if the lab is being used by a class, and refrain from entering if this is the case.

  • Do not allow anyone into the lab who does not belong there. Do not prop open the door to the lab. It is important that the facility be maintained for everyone’s use.

  • Do not bring food or drinks into the lab. Water in a covered container like a water bottle is OK, but should be used with care. It only takes one spilled Coke or cup of soup to ruin a valuable piece of equipment. Consume food and beverages in the second floor lounge (and clean up after yourself).

  • Do not leave personal belongings in the lab. Books, jackets, papers, backpacks, instruments etc. should all be removed when you leave the lab. Do not leave stuff around in an attempt to “reserve” a workstation for later use. With some 140 majors and minors in the department it is discourteous to try to prevent someone else from using a station while you get a snack. Personal items left in the lab will be removed to an arcane place in the depths of Schmucker Hall from whence they will be difficult to retrieve.

  • Be considerate of other users. Be mindful that others in the lab may be doing work that requires concentration and quiet. If your project makes noise or music, you should use headphones or earbuds. Conversations should be taken outside to the lounge. Lab users should feel free to ask for reasonable quiet in the lab, and everyone should respect those wishes without complaint.

  • The printer and lab stations are to be used for music-related business only. The Conservatory pays for 8.5x11 paper and toner for the printer. Please make every effort to avoid waste wherever possible. Keep the area around the printer tidy. If you print it, retrieve it! If the printer is out of 8.5x11 paper, let the Conservatory office know.

  • The printer in the lab is also capable of printing to 11x17 paper. This may be important if you are printing scores or large-format music. Students and faculty must supply their own 11x17 paper. Paper is available for purchase from Ricoh in the West Building, or at any office supply store such as Staples.

  • If there are problems with the lab, such as a computer that appears to be broken, or a piano that doesn’t work, please report them to the Conservatory office as soon as possible. We have to know about the problem to fix it. You may feel free to restart a computer to reset it.

  • You should not change any aspects of the hardware or software setup in the lab. You could seriously disturb the overall functioning of the lab by changing cables or other connections, or software settings. If you want to use the lab in a different way, please consult a faculty member or the Conservatory office.

  • If you would like to see more or different functionality in the lab - either hardware or software - please let us know. We want this lab to be useful for all.

Following these simple rules and using common sense will make the lab a useful and pleasant resource for everyone.

Music majors and minors may request a key to the music technology lab through the Conservatory office. A $20 deposit, refundable when the key is returned, is required.

Instructions for the Yamaha Clavinova use may be found in the Yamaha Clavinova Owner’s Manual.

Please report any problems with hardware or software to the Conservatory office.