Health and Wellness Guest Speakers

The Sunderman Conservatory regularly features guest speakers and presenters on a wide range of topics related to Health and Wellness.

We have established a four-year rotation of speakers; many classes and studios supplement this regular schedule with additional guests each semester.

Health and Wellness Topics Rotation

Year 1: Audiology and Physical Therapy

Year 2: Alexander Technique/Feldenkrais and Speech Therapy

Year 3: Massage Therapy and Yoga

Year 4: Athletic Training and Mental Health

Recent Guest Speakers

Peter Jacobsen, Alexander Technique

Debby Malevanda, Feldenkrais

Julie Aha, Yoga

Sandra Gill, Yoga

Margaret Baroody, Vocal Health (Philadelphia ENT Group)

Jodi Barth and Gincy Stezar, Physical Therapy

Eve Kornhauser, Yoga for Singers