Information Literacy Instruction

Information Literacy

Librarians at Musselman Library are committed to collaborating with faculty to support our students’ development of key information literacy skills during their time at Gettysburg College.

Information literacy refers to the set of integrated skills, practices, and knowledge encompassing the discovery and interpretation of information; a critical understanding how information is produced, valued, and circulated; and the use of information to create new knowledge ethically.

Requesting Information Literacy Instruction

If you’re interested in scheduling a class session tailored to your class, please submit your request through our online form. Before you submit, please refer to our policies about attendance and advance notice.

Request an Instruction Session

COVID-19 NOTICE: Librarians are committed to supporting your students’ development of key information literacy skills. Due to the current pandemic, online instruction (asynchronous or synchronous) is strongly preferred for health and safety. If you believe that in-person instruction is essential to your course and session goals, please email Clint Baugess or Kerri Odess-Harnish about arrangements for a session in your regularly scheduled classroom.

Options for Course-Integrated Instruction

There are several options for librarian support in your course:

  •  FYS Class Sessions
    • Librarians can design a class session tailored to a specific assignment or series of assignments. For the FYS, we focus on essential learning outcomes for students in their first semester, such as developing a research topic, designing an effective search strategy, or distinguishing between different types of information. Please see our FYS and 100-level specific information literacy outcomes for more examples.
  • Single or Multiple Class Sessions
    • We often deliver a single session to classes, designed to occur when students will be drawing upon information literacy skills for a specific assignment. Carefully sequenced and scaffolded sessions, of various lengths, are also an option for semester-long or multiple-step projects.
  • Online Course Research Guides
    • Course or assignment-specific online research guides can be requested. These may be used with or without a class session. Links can be added within Moodle or to your syllabus.
  • Online Tutorials
  • Assignment Design
    • We are happy to discuss ways to design assignments and research projects that provide students with opportunities to develop information literacy skills. We have also identified guidelines for effective assignments and pitfalls to avoid.

Student Learning Outcomes

Librarians have developed student learning outcomes for information literacy at the FYS and 100 level, 200 and 300, and 400 levels. These provide a helpful guideline for course and assignment design.

JCCTL Information Literacy Grant

In collaboration with the Johnson Center for Creative Teaching & Learning (JCCTL), Musselman Library offers a $1,000 information literacy grant. It is designed for faculty members to collaborate with a librarian in order to redesign a course to include an emphasis on information literacy skill development. Grant guidelines, deadlines, and the application are available on the JCCTL website.