Wellness Dimensions

Wellness at Gettysburg College

Here at Gettysburg College, wellness is intentional, active and always evolving. It is a set of skills and a state of being that is fostered through individual and collective engagement. Wellness is self-directed, holistic and interconnected with those around us and our environment.

Wellness is built upon a foundation of skills and habits that influence our identity and our sense of belonging. We believe that by actively engaging with these dimensions through opportunities provided during the college years our students learn, grow and thrive in profound ways that have lasting impact.

Intellectual Wellness

Creating habits and mindsets that encourage critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, creative exploration, and a pursuit of knowledge. Learn more about Intellectual Wellness.

Financial Wellness

Acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions with financial resources. Learn more about Financial Wellness.

Social Wellness

Understanding that we are interdependent while developing the skills necessary for cultivating and maintaining connection and to constructively work through conflict. Learn more about Social Wellness.

Student working in a lab with a white coat

Emotional Wellness

Developing emotional self-awareness and skills to effectively express and manage emotions in a healthy manner. Learn more about Emotional Wellness.

Student working in a lab with a white coat

Physical Wellness

Adopting and maintaining healthy habits for sleep, exercise, nutrition, sexual health, and substance use in addition to knowing how to access care when sick or to prevent illness and injury.Learn more about Physical Wellness.

Cultural Wellness

Being knowledgeable, understanding and respectful of diversity through identifying and practicing one’s values, engaging in affirming experiences and contributing to a positive, inclusive environment.Learn more about Cultural Wellness.

Community Wellness

Engaging in the impactful relationship between person and environment by participating in acts of social responsibility, stewardship and advocacy.Learn more about Community Wellness.