1098T Information

Gettysburg College is required to provide students with a 1098T form each year if the student was enrolled at least part-time for academic credit. This form is necessary to be eligible to claim either the Lifetime Learning Credit or the American Opportunity Credit on the federal tax return. These forms will be mailed each January by the last business date of the month.

Students may access the 1098T form online via Campus Experience > Finances > 1098T 

IRS information regarding why the 1098T form is important to students and parents can be found in Publication 5197.

Gettysburg College reports in Box 1 the amount of Qualified Tuition and Fees that were paid during the calendar year, not the school year.

A student may be eligible for a federal education tax credit, depending on the student’s income (or the family’s income, if the student is a dependent), if the student was considered a full or part-time student, and the amount paid for qualified educational expenses for the school year. Detailed information about claiming educational tax credits can be found in IRS Publication 970

Please note: Gettysburg College does not offer tax advice. Please contact a tax accountant for more information on claiming these credits.