Global Citizenship and Intercultural Fluency Pathway

Below is a list of the current opportunities within each Pathway. New experiences will be added over time.

Year 1: Introductory Experiences

Learn about cultures different from one’s own and develop open-mindedness and respect for those differences.

Year 2 and 3: Exploratory Experiences

  • Identify and explain multiple cultural perspectives when exploring contemporary issues.
  • Develop awareness of and sensitivity to the concerns of underrepresented peoples throughout the world.
  • Take personal accountability for the impact of their actions and decisions on the lives of others.

  • Study globally for a semester (international or domestic program)
  • Participate in a Center for Public Service Immersion Project
  • Participate in a Model UN competition as a country other than the United States
  • Reside in a cultural or affinity-based College House (e.g. International House, Latinx House, Diaspora House, QHouse)
  • Participate regularly in Intergroup Dialogues (eRace, nGender, EI Dialogues Across Difference, etc.)
  • Participate in a research project with a global focus
  • Work as a program coordinator or student employee for a College office or organization (Center for Public Service, Eisenhower Institute, Office of Multicultural Education, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, etc.) or academic program in a role whose primary emphasis is Global Citizenship & Intercultural Fluency
  • Active leadership in a student organization, or in a role within the organization, with a primary emphasis on Global Citizenship & Intercultural Fluency
  • Perform at or be a member of the planning committee of a large-scale culturally-based event (BurgBurst, Step Show, Salsa on the Square, International Food Fest, Holi, Diwali)
  • Participate in Eisenhower Institute’s Emerging Threats in National Security program
  • Participate in Eisenhower Institute’s Contours of the Middle East program
  • Complete a Center for Global Education returning from abroad workshop
  • Participate in the International Gettysburgians Network

Year 4: Consequential Experiences

Adapt and apply a deep understanding of multiple worldviews, experiences, and power structures while initiating meaningful interaction with other cultures to address significant global problems.