Global Citizenship and Intercultural Fluency Pathway

Below is a list of the current opportunities within each Pathway. New experiences will be added over time.

Year 1: Introductory Experiences

Learn about a culture different from one’s own. Reflect on one’s own identity as a citizen of the world.

Year 2 and 3: Exploratory Experiences

Identify and explain multiple cultural perspectives when exploring contemporary issues. Develop awareness of and sensitivity to the concerns of underrepresented peoples throughout the world.

  • Study globally for a semester (international or domestic program)
  • Participate in a Center for Public Service Immersion Project
  • Participate in a Model UN competition as a country other than the United States
  • Reside in a cultural or affinity-based College House (e.g. International House, Latinx House, Diaspora House, QHouse)
  • Participate regularly in intergroup dialogues
  • Participate in a research project with a global focus
  • Work as a first time program coordinator or student employee for a college office, organization, or academic program in a role whose primary emphasis is Global Citizenship & Intercultural Fluency
  • Active leadership in a student organization, or in a role within the organization, with a primary emphasis on Global Citizenship & Intercultural Fluency
  • Perform at or be a member of the planning committee of a large-scale culturally-based event (BurgBurst, Step Show, Salsa on the Square, International Food Fest, Holi, Diwali)
  • Participate in an Eisenhower Institute program based in Global Citizenship & Intercultural Fluency
  • Complete a Center for Global Education returning from abroad workshop

Year 4: Consequential Experiences

Articulate an understanding of multiple worldviews, experiences, and power structures. Engage in meaningful interaction with individuals from other cultures through an initiative or project designed to address significant global problems.