Immersion Projects

What is an Immersion Project

Playing horns in the DRImmersion Projects are off-campus, educational opportunities at sites in the United States and abroad which take place over Winter Break, Spring Break, and in May. Students spend the weeks prior to travel learning about the community and its history. Students then travel to sites ranging from Nicaragua to Morocco and from Alabama to New York City, where they immerse themselves in a the community. Each project seeks to foster a dialogue between the students and the host community around issues of social justice. By working alongside community leaders and sharing their stories, students learn about themselves and the world. Students find Immersion Projects to be exciting and powerful educational experiences.

In the past, trips have explored homelessness in Washington DC, education in Haiti, energy policy and fracking in Pennsylvania, living with the Apache in San Carlos, NM, and more. Students serve as Project Leaders, facilitating the Immersion Project with assistance from a staff or faculty member, who serve as a Project Mentor.