By the numbers: Guided Pathways at Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College promises to deliver every student A Consequential Education. Through the Gettysburg Approach, we provide our students a breadth and depth of knowledge and set of enduring skills to help prepare them for all they will experience in graduate school and their professional careers.

Students practice these skills and deepen this knowledge within Guided Pathways. The Guided Pathways help students maximize their time on campus by helping them select experiences in an intentional way, connecting the skills they hope to strengthen. With the support of their Personal Advising Teams, students can more fully reflect on and understand the impact of their undergraduate education as they navigate their Gettysburg experience with purpose.

Learn more about the Guided Pathways by the numbers.

A group of students at the Convocation


of students in the Class of 2027 embarked on the Guided Pathways journey at the beginning of the Fall 2023 semester. Every incoming student at Gettysburg can opt into the Guided Pathways and have their own Personal Advising Team.

A student in the lab

5 thematic Guided Pathways

allow students to align their interests with themed experiences. These themes include the following: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation; Global Citizenship and Intercultural Fluency; Justice and Community Change; Leadership, Teamwork, and Collaboration; and Career Development.

A personal advising team serving student

4 individuals

—a faculty advisor, co-curricular advisor, and career advisor, plus an alumni mentor following the sophomore year—make up the Personal Advising Teams serving each student in the Guided Pathways.

Cara Smith and Emma Stubbe

2 co-curricular advisors

Cara Smith and Emma Stubbe serve on Personal Advising Teams for students participating in the Guided Pathways. As co-curricular advisors, Smith and Stubbe work with students to select their Pathways experiences based on students’ interests, goals, and the skills they hope to develop. They also provide opportunities for students to reflect on their experiences as they progress through the Pathways.

A student in the lab doing an experiment

4 intentional years

are mapped out for students as they move through the Guided Pathways: Introductory Experiences (Year 1), Exploratory Experiences (Years 2 and 3), and Consequential Experiences (Year 4). These experiences build upon one another as students progress through their undergraduate education at Gettysburg. This progression enables them to integrate the knowledge and enduring skills they’ve gained and draw connections between their campus experiences and post-Gettysburg aspirations.

A student talking with a consultant

360 degrees of support

provided to students through the Guided Pathways help them more fully understand the impact of their undergraduate experience.

A group of students having a conversation

12-plus departments

and areas of campus that offer co-curricular experiences are connected with the Guided Pathways, including the Center for Career Engagement, the Center for Public Service, the Garthwait Leadership Center, the Eisenhower Institute, and the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.

By Michael Vyskocil
Photos by Abbey Frisco, Miranda Harple, Hang Lian, Jason Minick, and Shawna Sherrell
Posted: 10/03/23