Leadership, Teamwork, and Collaboration Pathway

Below is a list of the current opportunities within each Pathway, new experiences will be added over time.

Year 1: Introductory Experiences

  • Contribute to a constructive team climate by demonstrating accountability, sharing ideas, and engaging with differing viewpoints.
  • Build self-awareness of intercultural competence, values and beliefs, talents and strengths, and areas of growth through self-reflection and feedback.

Year 2 and 3: Exploratory Experiences

  • Help a team move forward by completing all assigned tasks, constructively building upon or synthesizing the ideas of others, and practicing group facilitation skills.
  • Address conflict directly and constructively, helping to manage it in a way that strengthens cohesiveness, belonging, and future effectiveness.
  • Build strong interpersonal connections with students who are different from themselves.

Year 4: Consequential Experiences

  • Proactively help and empower team members to complete their assigned tasks and improve their ability through coaching and mentoring.
  • Manage a complex, strategic project or organization from start to finish.
  • Learn new ways of adapting and working with others.