Direct deposit step by step instructions

Step by Step - Enroll in or Modify your Direct Deposit Refund Set up

  1. Log into Campus Experience
  2. Choose Financials on the Left menu – then scroll in that menu to Direct Deposit Refund Setup
  3. Click on Enroll
  4. Choose Add Account to enter a new account
  5. Enter the Account Name – A name that you want to use to recognize this is your account
  6. Account Type is Checking or Saving
  7. Move to Bank Details and enter your Routing number of your banking institution – This is very important. If you have a check, on the bottom (see image), the left most group of 9 numbers is the routing number – IF you do NOT know your routing number, DO NOT GUESS OR JUST CHOOSE A BANK - Call your banking institution and they will give you that information
  8. Check with routing, account, and check number identified in brackets
  9. Go to the next box and enter your Account number – DO NOT ENTER YOUR DEBIT CARD NUMBER – If you do not know your account number, log into your banking institution’s online banking page to get it or call your banking institution
  10. Enter who the account holder is – is it you, your parent, or your guardian?
  11. Click on SAVE
  12. Then the Terms and Conditions page comes up – read this and check the box “I agree with the Terms and Conditions”
  13. Click Accept
  14. On the next page – make sure the account you want to enroll in is selected
  15. Click on Enroll
  16. You will get a notice that you are enrolled and an option to modify the Direct Deposit if you wish

Adding a New or Additional Direct Deposit Refund Account

  1. IF you would like to add another account (parent/guardian) for refunds to them – Select Direct Deposit Refund Set Up from the Menu
  2. Click on Modify Direct Deposit
  3. Click on Add and complete the information as per the above instructions
  4. At the end be sure to select which Direct Deposit Account you wish to be active for refunds