Alum shells out hands-on experiences: Students work with Turtle Rescue Team founder Greg Lewbart '81

Dr. Greg Lewbart '81 provided multiple externship experiences for current Gettysburg students this past summer and plans to stay involved in the program. His reason? An inspirational Gettysburg College professor.

Greg Lewbart ’81 always knew that he wanted to be a veterinarian. It wasn’t until he took a Gettysburg College course on marine biology and learned about invertebrates, though, that his path really became clear for him.

“Dr. Robert Barnes was my faculty advisor, and he really had the single most impact on my professional career, even to this day,” Lewbart said.

“He opened my eyes to a part of the animal kingdom that I hadn’t thought a lot about – invertebrates. That’s what I did my research on in grad school, and that defined my path in vet school. Because of some of the decisions I made with my background, I was able to piece together the kind of a career that allowed me to be a vet for dolphins, fish, turtles, all kinds of aquatic wildlife.”

As an alumnus now teaching aquatic animal medicine at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, he feels that it is his turn to facilitate the types of defining experiences for other Gettysburg students that Dr. Barnes was able to facilitate for him. He does this by hosting externships with the Turtle Rescue Team, a sort of emergency hospital and rehabilitation center for turtles, reptiles, and amphibians.

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