First-class faculty

Gettysburg College faculty make a profound impact both inside and outside of the classroom.

Faculty at Gettysburg College love what they do. As teachers, scholars, and artists, their energy and engagement with new thinking and discovery in their respective fields is contagious for our students.

Passionate in their work, innovative in their approach to pedagogy, and driven to shape the lives of our students, our expert professors are also changemakers. They teach, mentor, and inspire our students to learn, grow, and pursue meaningful work, while conducting their own research, pursuing new projects, and contributing to change across the world.

Our Faculty at Gettysburg College

Faculty member teaching students over an Anatomage table

Faculty fast facts

  • 200-plus full-time faculty across 41 majors
  • 10:1 student-faculty ratio with an average class size of 18
  • Approximately 60% of students had collaborated on research projects with faculty by the time of graduation
  • 100% of tenured faculty have a PhD or terminal degree

Listen to our curated playlist of podcast conversations with members of our faculty, which explore topics from the legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower at the College, to First-Year Seminars, environmental issues, and more.

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Faculty member and student drawing on a sidewalk with chalk


Our faculty share an excitement about education and a desire to make meaningful contributions to the College’s intellectual climate through the courses they teach, the relationships they build with their students, and the professional opportunities they pursue with curiosity and passion. Among their numerous accomplishments are published books within their areas of expertise and prestigious awards that have propelled their research. Going above and beyond is innate to Gettysburg College faculty.

Faculty member giving a lecture to students in front of an anatomage table


Faculty at Gettysburg College take an innovative approach to pedagogy, from teaching First-Year Seminars on the philosophy of monsters to taking students on an underground journey for summer research. At our Innovation and Creativity Lab, they help students explore the use of virtual reality, 3D printing, and drones. Plus, our Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning supports our faculty in bringing learning beyond the classroom. As critical thinkers crafting creative ideas and solutions, they encourage their students to do the same.

Faculty member and student sitting with one another in an office setting


Students are at the heart of our faculty. They give purpose to our faculty’s work—Gettysburg College students graduate with the skills and confidence to be successful in the meaningful work they choose to pursue. More than just teachers, our professors learn and work alongside our students and become lifelong mentors. Student-faculty research projects are a core tenet of a Gettysburg College education, during which distinctive relationships are built and a commitment to lifelong learning is established.

Faculty member lecturing students outside on the steps of a building


Our faculty are not only shaping the next generation of leaders who will lead lives of meaning and consequence. They are using the liberal arts and sciences curriculum to facilitate important dialogues, contributing to profound change across the world as global citizens; making new scientific discoveries; and graduating students with a deep appreciation of diversity and inclusivity—students who see a problem and feel inspired to solve it. Faculty at Gettysburg College contribute to a purpose much greater than themselves.