Ben Tabor '13 forges own path at Gettysburg

Ben Tabor“I had certain expectations of what I would get out of my college experience,” recalls Ben Tabor ’13. His brother, Brad, was a 2008 Gettysburg alum. Both had earned academic Presidential Scholarships. Both were recruited to play Bullets soccer. In many ways, Tabor had a path laid out for him.

But from his first days on campus, that path began to change.

In Professor Dusty Smith’s first-year seminar, Voice of the Rebel in America, Tabor learned to question the status quo. While shy at first, Tabor “began to grow into himself” throughout the semester, says Smith—especially during a class project on endowment transparency. “I knew nothing about the College’s endowment,” Tabor notes, “but I decided to take on the initiative with a few students who lived on my floor. We researched what similar colleges were doing, and encouraged Gettysburg to do the same.”

When President Riggs learned of the project, she invited Tabor to her office to discuss it. By the end of the meeting, she had asked him to serve as a student representative on the Board of Trustees’ Endowment Committee. In this role, Tabor attended endowment meetings on campus and in New York, and connected with Board members who have become mentors. “Putting a little bit of extra effort into something like the [endowment] project,” says Tabor, “really started to set me on a completely different level.”

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