Work hard, take chances: Three-star Gen. Flora Darpino '83 earns high-profile promotion

Darpino holds the highest uniformed legal position within the Army and is the face of Judge Advocate General Corps.

Three-star General Flora Darpino’s ’83 recent promotion puts her in charge of the entire legal system within the uniformed Army, and establishes her as the face of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. In the military’s 238 year history, she is the first female to hold this position.

While this might be a daunting position for some, Darpino is approaching her new position just as she has everything else in her life, including her Gettysburg education – work hard and take chances.

Darpino has never been one to back down from a challenge, and that mentality was evident from the beginning of her Gettysburg experience.

“I came into college thinking that I was going to major in either accounting or political science. I liked both of those subjects and I’ve always done very well in those classes. My freshman year, I took a class in each of those subjects and another class in economics, just for fun.”

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