New Gettysburg magazine features presidential campaign; video available

The company candidates keep reveal far more about them than soundbites and campaign ads, political science Prof. Shirley Anne Warshaw says in the summer issue of Gettysburg, the College's magazine.

"In the modern presidency," Warshaw said, "the people who surround the president are the people who set policy and run the government. Knowing who those people are can give a good sense of how different the next administration might be."

The magazine — just mailed to alumni, parents, and friends of Gettysburg College — also details visits to campus by Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who is a 1957 graduate of the College, and Sen. Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea. Those stories and an interview with Warshaw are available here. Warshaw discusses her book, The Keys to Power: Managing the Presidency in a video here.

Much more of the magazine - including stories of alumni who are working for change in Africa and elsewhere, Class Notes, and a history of radio station WZBT - will be posted soon here.

Posted July 17, 2008 Posted: Thu, 17 Jul 2008




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