Meet the Class of 2023

Some of our newest alumni share their fondest moments and proudest accomplishments.

The Class of 2023 has pursued their undergraduate degrees at Gettysburg College with unparalleled fortitude and perseverance, all the while laying a foundation that will help them build lives of consequence and meaning. With endless experiences in and out of the classroom, each graduate is ready to walk through Pennsylvania Hall one final time on their way to serving as beacons of hope and change in their communities and the world.

Below, read reflections from several Class of 2023 graduates on their fondest moments, proudest accomplishments, what it means to be a Gettysburgian, and how they plan to use the knowledge and skills they gained at Gettysburg to make a difference in the world.

“Being involved in clubs, sports, study abroad, academic extracurriculars, and things that brought me joy, I discovered that being at Gettysburg meant being in the moment.”
Stephanie Chaga ’23

“The most important skill that I learned throughout my time here was how to work with so many different kinds of people. Gettysburg cultivated me as a leader and I’m super grateful for all the opportunities I had.”
EJ Gill ’23

“My time here has taught me so much and that has happened because I have been willing to listen to new ideas and go out of my comfort zone.”
Alyssa Ritchie ’23

“Being a Gettysburgian means taking advantage of opportunities and being dedicated to growing both within and outside of academics.”
Victoria Staub ’23

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